The Love Coffin – Drizzly Grizzly

Saturday, 19th October 2019

The Love Coffin – Drizzly Grizzly


It’s in a recently opened Lynchian-Styled club – Drizzly Grizzly – that the Danish band The Love Coffin played their authentic and visceral rock for a short, too short concert. We really needed more. The effusive singer, with his fiery acoustic guitar and furious voice, lead us to tumultuous places. The band played a gloomy noisy sound reminiscent of the alternative scene of the 80/90’s that struck the few fans here by its energy and roughness.

But don’t get me wrong, it’s not a copycat band, they have their own sound and I advise you to see them live. That’s where their music takes all its meaning.

Even so, it was difficult to compete with a sold out Machine Head concert in B90 that evening.

The Love Coffin is Jonatan K. Magnussen on vocals and guitar, Kristian Alexander Pedersen on guitar, Lasse Christiansen on keys and guitar, Tue Einar Bakfeldt Fly on bass and Alexander Vitus on drums.

They already released 2 EPs “Veranda” in 2015 & “Buffalo Thunder” in 2017 and a promising LP “Cloudlands” in 2018.

Their second LP “Nothing At All” will be unleashed in spring 2020 on Bad Afro Records.


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