The 2019 Sopot Jazz Festival

Monday, 14th October 2019

The 2019 Sopot Jazz Festival


One of the oldest Jazz Festival in Poland took place this October with artists such as Marcin Wasilewski Trio ft. Adam Pierończyk, Mołr Drammaz, NES, Angelika Niescier Trio and as a final, Archie Shepp & Joachim Kühn Duo.

Rainer Kern – an independent culture manager, curator and producer, who managed events in big cities all around the world – was responsible for this year agenda, which looked into the tradition, the present and the future.

The Sopot Jazz Festival means both the tradition, the today and the look into the future. The agenda of the festival constitues an exceptional perfection of what symbolises the art of Jazz – the openness and encounter between the local and the international.

The first day opened with a fantastic ephemeral-quartet, Marcin Wasilewski Trio & Adam Pieronczyk. The trio celebrated their 25th anniversary this year and are surely the most internationally well-known & outstanding polish jazz formation.

That same evening, Molr Drammaz played in Sfinks700, a little club in Sopot, and they did something very artistic and entertaining at the same time. It was a delight to listen to and watch them. A great mix of catchy drums, good electro sounds and striking voice. Alas the crowd was very thin. They really deserved a bigger attendance.

Saturday – was again a very strong evening. Starting with the Angelika Niescier Trio who, unlike some guy said after he concert, was may be the best performance of the festival.

Then came NES, a trio based in Valencia, who is playing a music inspired by the richness of french and arabic cultures. The concert, interspersed with anecdotes, was refreshing and captivating.

“There is no beauty without the concept of goodness” you can hear Nesrine Belmokh saying that during the concert. Well, sure their performance inoculate in your blood some goodness.

The last day, saw the performance of 2 masters of the jazz scene.

Archie Shepp & Joachim Kühn

The career of Archie Shepp started nearly sixty years ago, he rapidly drew the attention of John Coltrane with whom he played on “A Love Supreme” and then “Ascension”. Him and Coltrane were then at the forefront of the Avant-Garde Jazz.

During the last evening of the festival, elegantly dressed, he played alongside Joachim Kühn – a German pianist living in Paris – before a religiously attentive crowd.

The ideal of the festival was met again this year. A broad depiction of the jazz scene with high quality artists from all around the world.


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