Spacefest Day One

Sunday, 15th December 2019

Spacefest Day One

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You know the lyrics of this song, “It all started with the big bang!”. Well, this is how Spacefest 2019 started on Friday. A Bing Bang of pointless saturated noisy guitar sounds with Krzta. I have to admit that it was painful to hear.

Thanks, on the Drizzly Grizzly stage was Dynasonic to cool down our sore eardrums. It was a nice performance, one of the strongest that evening. It was musical poetry with a happy bass player and a hint of electro.


Then came Chicos de Nazca a neo-psychedelic band and Kwiaty a shoegaze band from Poland. For me quite disappointing.

But then… yes, then came The Cosmic Dead. What a show! 3 masterpieces of a song in one hour. The slow start leading to the first lyric drowned in exploding sounds in the first song was totally hypnotizing & intoxicating. They are from Glasgow – and obviously anti-brexit – formed in 2010 and are an incredible band to see live without any cosmetic lights or fancy musical instruments.

The Cosmic Dead

After this hell of a performance, something really more artistic, Rogulus X Szwelas und Gos + Czerkas + Ika. I was still under the influence of The Cosmic Dead so I couldn’t appreciate it truly.

Finally, we had KSAS.

The first day of Spacefest was a rollercoaster of emotions. Some bands I really loved, some other I found soporific. The second day was totally different with quality shows all evening. But that will be for another day.

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