Spacefest Day One

Sunday, 15th December 2019

Spacefest Day One


You know the lyrics of this song, “It all started with the big bang!”. Well, this is how Spacefest 2019 started on Friday. A Bing Bang of pointless saturated noisy guitar sounds with Krzta. I have to admit that it was painful to hear.

Thanks, on the Drizzly Grizzly stage was Dynasonic to cool down our sore eardrums. It was a nice performance, one of the strongest that evening. It was musical poetry with a happy bass player and a hint of electro.


Then came Chicos de Nazca a neo-psychedelic band and Kwiaty a shoegaze band from Poland. For me quite disappointing.

But then… yes, then came The Cosmic Dead. What a show! 3 masterpieces of a song in one hour. The slow start leading to the first lyric drowned in exploding sounds in the first song was totally hypnotizing & intoxicating. They are from Glasgow – and obviously anti-brexit – formed in 2010 and are an incredible band to see live without any cosmetic lights or fancy musical instruments.

The Cosmic Dead

After this hell of a performance, something really more artistic, Rogulus X Szwelas und Gos + Czerkas + Ika. I was still under the influence of The Cosmic Dead so I couldn’t appreciate it truly.

Finally, we had KSAS.

The first day of Spacefest was a rollercoaster of emotions. Some bands I really loved, some other I found soporific. The second day was totally different with quality shows all evening. But that will be for another day.

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