Snake Thursday, The Black Thunder & Captain Ape – Drizzly Grizzly

Saturday, 7th March 2020

Snake Thursday, The Black Thunder & Captain Ape – Drizzly Grizzly


That was a pretty good evening of music in Drizzly Grizzly with 3 Bands from Poland, one local, some heavy sound, psychedelic music and a good atmosphere.

Starting with the local band, Captain Ape. As they describe themselves, ” Two guys make four-piece rock band with the balls of six men.” It was very energizing, and their music got a lot of balls as advertised. It’s heavy, noisy, straight to the point, with short tracks, and it make you smile with happiness.

Then, The Black Thunder, the club got a bit busy for them. A quatuor from Bytow. Quite impressive. A mix of Thrash, Metal and good old R’nR.

Last played Snake Thursday from Poznan, strangely the crowd disappeared. Only few dozens stayed. Strangely because I think they were outstanding. They could easily have played for Spacefest with the likes of The Cosmic Dead or The Telescopes. Stoner music, kinda psychedelic, great guitar solo, and I really loved the work of their bass player. Good heavy vibration. I will definitively seek for more concert of them.

It’s really a shame there was no more people for them.

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Captain Ape

The Black Thunder

Snake Thursday

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