[Review] Smoke Over Dock || B90 – Gdańsk

A nice and eclectic evening with psychedelic music inspired by the 60’s and 70’s, some grimy metal, alternative rock, necro-psych, doom and so on.

The evening started quite slowly with The Orange Revival. Just few people attended their set. But it then started to fill. And listening to Mondo Naif and Taman Shud was something. It was music that filled my ears with great pleasure and put a stupid smile on my face.

Then arrived Sautrus, a band from north of Poland, and surely the one most people wanted to see. Highly enjoyable psychedelic rock that reminded me sometimes of The Iron Butterfly or The Stooges.

To finish, Witchrider and Earthship. Music became a little more rock, heavier. People started to leave, atmosphere became more darkish. Still enjoyable, I like this music. But of the whole evening, I think that Taman Shud got all my attention for the future.