[Live Report] Skunk Anansie || B90 – Gdańsk

What a concert! Never I felt so much energy during a gig. They just took B90 by storm. Skin ran into the stage with such an intensity for the first song, “And Here I Stand” that she even did something I never ever saw before that early. She just jumped into the crowd after few minutes. Amazing. That would set the tone for the rest of the night.

From that moment, it looks like they didn’t want to slow down. A powerful set, loud most of the time with some nice slow moments, and that remind me the 90’s when I started to listen to them. A bit of nostalgia.

What is also great about this band, is their politic engagement. Because of the recent rise of fascism around the world, Brexit, Trump, she took the time to discuss with the crowd about the dangerous time ahead. She also showed some gratitude to the Poles who build England.

“They are coming to get me, black, gay and a woman, they will soon come for you” A call to mobilize everybody against all kind of discrimination, a call to fight racism, sexism, homophobia and xenophobia.

They played two encores, and it was over. Impressive evening. One of the best experience in my life. Even after so many years touring, they didn’t loose their faith and energy.

The support band was also excellent. The Pearl Harts, Two women, a guitar, some drums, and a kick ass gig. Also very loud and powerful. It was a perfect start, sadly too short. And I can’t wait to listen to more of their stuff.