[Live Report] The 69 Eyes & Vlad in Tears || B90 – Gdańsk

I will be honest, I don’t know The 69 Eyes for as long as I know The Cure, The Mission, The Sister of Mercy, Clan of Xymox or Bauhaus – all the gothic bands I used to listen to when I was way younger – but I like goth rock. I like the music, the atmosphere, the dressing code, the vampires’ influences and all the mysticism and romanticism that goes with that musical genre.

This concert was part of their tour promoting their newest album “Universal Monsters” released earlier this year. An excellent opus for a veteran band.

It was a highly entertaining act. The singer is a patchwork of different people – even The King himself sometimes. It’s what makes them unique. An assimilation of different influences reworked their own way. Typical dresscode. All dressed in black, with lots of leather, sunglasses for some, happy to be there and doing their best to please a very enthusiastic crowd.

First part was an unknown band for me. Vlad in Tears.