Gdansk Tattoo Konwent 2020

Saturday, 29th February 2020

Gdansk Tattoo Konwent 2020


The 25th & 26th of July this year, will take place another edition of the Gdansk Tattoo Konwent, an unvoidable event to promote the art of tattooing, and the world of alternative art in general.


Gdansk Tattoo Konwent is a meeting that allows hundreds of artists, from the Tricity, Poland or abroad, and spectators to participate in a weekend of live tattooing, music and art performance.

Last year was one of the best edition so far in Gdansk. Not only you could admire over 450 great tattoo artists, but also some exciting artistic performances, photo exhibitions, nice loud concerts & fashion Shibari show. With plenty of craft beers, food truck, hair dressers and so on, the convention went a long way from their first edition in Stocznia.

It’s a no-brainer that this year will be even better…

For many years, the convention’s extensive Tattoo formula has shown how many often non-obvious areas of art tattoo is combined with. 
Music, performance, fashion, design, broadly understood visual arts, including audiovisual is just the beginning of the list … We look into the future … 

Michał Nowakowski, co-organizer of the Tattoo Convention


If you want to get a nice tattoo done by a very talented artist, just head to this page to check out. NB: as for now, there is not yet any tattoo artists confirmed.

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