Apocalyptica, Epica & Wheel

Saturday, 7th November 2020

Apocalyptica, Epica & Wheel


When: Sat, 7th Nov 2020 @ 19:00

Where: B90

Address: Elektryków, 80-980 Gdańsk

In Autumn this year, Epica & Apocalyptica will perform in Warsaw and Gdańsk as part of “The Epic Apocalypse Tour“.

Epica is currently working on its new album, which is planned to be released later this year. Apocalyptica presented its latest release in early 2020. The fully instrumental album “Cell-0” was released on January the 10th (Silver Lining Music).

Epica and Apocalyptica will perform together on November the 6th at Warsaw’s Progresja club and the day after, on November the 7th at Gdańsk B90. The support group will be Wheel, whose debut album “Moving Backwards” was released in February 2019 (OMN Label Services).

Tickets for the concert will be available from next Friday (17th of April) from 10:00 at: https://sklep.knockoutprod.net (collector’s prints)

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