[Live Report] Anita Lipnicka & The Hats || Stary Maneż – Gdańsk

[Live Report] Brodacze Live Act & Łąki Łan || Stary Maneż – Gdańsk

[Live Report] Sasha Boole, Fertile Hump & Me and That Man || Teatr Szekspirowski – Gdańsk

[Live Report] The Membranes & The Sisters of Mercy || B90 – Gdańsk

[Live Report] Soundrive Day Three || B90 – Gdańsk

Third and last day of Soundrive 2017.

The two best show of the day were White Wine and K-X-P.

And thanks to IAMDDB, Ralph Kaminski, Artificial Pleasure for their sets and all the others. It was a great edition.

See you next year.

[Live Report] Soundrive Day Two || B90 – Gdańsk

Second day of Soundrive.

Another evening of very good quality music with special thanks to Cakes da Killa & InHeaven for two great performances, different style but same pleasure to watch and listen to.

It was a shame that Shaarghot couldn’t make it that night.

[Live Report] Soundrive Day One || B90 – Gdańsk

First day of Soundrive.

Best set from Then Comes Silence, Dead, The Picture Books and AJ Tracey and thanks to all the other bands for a great evening.

[Live Report] Three Days Grace & Milczenie Owiec || B90 – Gdańsk

[Live Report] Proghma-C, Wolves Like Us & Mastodon || B90 – Gdańsk

[Live Report] Obscure Sphinx & Gojira || B90 – Gdańsk